• high overall efficiency

  • for low swash angles

  • high power to weight ratio

It has been the dream of engineers for years to devise an efficient method of transmitting rotary mechanical power to give infinite smooth speed variation. Achieving this at a competitive price has been a difficult task, with the result that most hydraulic machines give low, inefficient performance.
IFIELD variable pump motor units, incorporating patented technology, has been developed over more than two decades, to a level of efficiency and performance which surpasses all other known methods. These non-overcenter units have been proven in arduous applications, in the mining, defense, and motor industries, over several years, resulting in high reliability and performance.


  • High power-weight ratio

  • high efficiency

  • low noise

  • compact design

  • exotic low viscosity - hwb fluids

  • unique torque & power control

  • smooth low speed to high to speed


  • Unique Design : Sperical Pistons at the heart of the Nutron Motor

  • The uniquely designed Nutron fluid motor is based on the principle of free, chrome alloy sperical pistons rolling upon multi-wave cams. Torque is produced by the reaction of these sperical pistons against the slope of the cam track. This unique multi piston configuration provides quiet, shock-free, porting with near zero leakage.

  • Nutrons patented (U.S. Patent No. 3662551) pressure compensation system monitors the delta pressure on the A & B ports. The internal case will see the return port pressure, so that the torque is produced by the net pressure difference acting on the drive pistons which transmits the torque. This compensation system enables the Nutron fluid motor to maintain a constant speed regardless of load, even below 1 rpm. In effect, the motor "locks on" to any pressure compensated flow control valve, in the return line and hence modulates its own torque output to exactly hold the speed set by that valve.

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