• working pressures to 5000 psi

  • output torque  to 5175 ft lbs.

Quality and Versatility

Hydrostatic Transmissions Ltd. is a well known and trusted mane throughout all industries. HTL's reliable and innovative Hydraulic Motors, Safety Brakes and Control Systems have received acclaim world wide, guaranteeing reliability for many prestige projects. The core products of this international company are a range of high torque low speed hydraulic motors. The range consists of rotating case (wheel motors) and rotating shaft motors in the range of 2.15 cu in through to 86.1 cu in per revolution. These high quality motors are produced to exacting standards and are well respected for there longevity.
In addition we manufacture a range of safety brakes which are either of the tail shaft type or the sandwich type which fit between a motor and a driven element such as a gearbox or bearing housing. Complementing, is a range of special purpose valve assemblies to achieve complete system function in a single valve block assembly. The hydraulic motors, brakes and valve blocks are produced by a skilled and knowledgeable staff for world wide use by hydraulic system builders and end users. Our capabilities range from powering large machinery to small winches. HTL has a continuing policy of testing and upgrading all manufactured items on a regular basis, guaranteeing the latest changes in technology.


  • high torque at low speeds, direct drives up to 5175 lb ft

  • the simple rugged design makes for reliability

  • extra large taper roller bearings to withstand high radial & axial loads

  • operates on a wide range of fluids, high water-based and phosphate ester

  • rotating shaft or rotating case options

  • true mechanical freewheeling

  • high power to weight ratio

  • optional safety brakes

  • direct mounting of control valves, encoders & transducer

  • torque up to 5175 ft lbs. - speeds up to 1000 rpm - 173 hp max


  • Unique Design: Pistons supported on a column of oil

  • In the rotating shaft hydraulic motor, high pressure oil is feed to the crankshaft via the distributor housing in the end cover casing. The axial passages in the crankshaft connect with accurately machined timing slots in the eccentric which carries the cylinder block. The cylinder block carries five radially positioned pistons. The base of each cylinder bore has a port which connects with the machined slots in the crankshaft eccentric.

  • High pressure oil enters the base of the cylinder bore and exerts a force through the piston nearest the center line of the motor and attempts to give the piston an outward motion as a result of the balance in the areas of the two piston ends. The outer face of each piston is seated against the flat machined thrust face in the crankcase, so the reaction to this force is a thrust transmitted direct to the eccentric by a high pressure column of oil.

  • An Oldham plate and dogs maintain the correct annular relationship between the cylinder block and crankcase. Because there are either two or three chambers exposed to the high pressure at all times, total torque output is the vector sum of the torque outputs developed by the multiple columns of fluid. This results in very smooth rotation, visually constant torque even at very low speeds, and very high starting torques.

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